Employee Recognition & Shout-Outs!


This month we are recognizing Dr. Michael DeLeo, MD, Foundation Radiology and Jess Wyman, Trauma Program Manager!

Dr. Michael DeLeo was recently named as one of Oncology’s 40 Rising Stars under 40! The Award Celebrates 40 of Oncology’s Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders Under Age 40

The recognition, supported by The Lynx Group™, McGivney Global Advisors, Upstream Partners, and Swim Across America, celebrates the contributions that individuals under the age of 40 are making to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

Click here to read more about Dr. DeLeo’s award. Way to go Dr. DeLeo!

Jess Wyman received the Medical Executive Champion of the month for March 2019, for the remarkable job she did getting our trauma program in a presentable state in less than 45 days. SNHH received a stellar review when the state came to review the program. Jess was able to grasp what the state was looking for and coordinated a plan to meet the state requirements. Way to go Jess!

Congratulations is also in order for the latest Foundation & Medical Center Employee’s of the Month below!

Medical Center Employee of the Month: Cynthia Maser, RN, ICU

“Amazing people like Cynthia Maser make me proud to be an employee of SNHH. I witnessed outstanding care that Cynthia gave to a patient and the patient’s family recently. Cynthia modeled our Core Values in treating the patient with the utmost Respect and Compassion. It is apparent that Cynthia holds herself accountable to provide the best care possible to patients. When thanked for going above and beyond, Cynthia simply stated that it was her job to do so. Cynthia’s Commitment to care was evident during this patient’s stay, leaving me both renewed and inspired. Cynthia is a reminder of why I love working here. Thank you, Cynthia, for reminding us that it truly is the little things that make a huge difference!”

Foundation Employee of the Month: Dawn Ripley, Partners in Pediatrics/Family Practice of South Nashua

“Dawn is a joy to work with because of her unfailingly positive attitude and her “can do” approach to even the stickiest problems. She is the perfect person to work with a pediatric population because she always sees the funny side of things and yet she takes children seriously. Dawn is someone who understands that just because a person is small, it does not mean that their problems are small. I find it remarkable how she remains so patient and upbeat in what can be a very busy and stressful environment at the combined reception desk of two busy practices. My second favorite thing about Dawn is that she is always willing and even seems actively glad to go the extra mile whenever I make any request of her, often when it is technically “someone else’s job” who might not be available at that time. I really appreciate it because this helps everything run more smoothly in the office so that our patients can get better and quicker care. But my #1 favorite thing about Dawn is her laugh, which can so often be heard throughout our office and cheers us all up every single day.”

Congratulations to all!