Elliot Operating Room Nurse Redeploys to ICU


Employees across SolutionHealth at both Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health are redeploying to help those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rebecca Fleuriet, RN, usually works in the OR at The Elliot at River’s Edge. But when COVID-19 cases were on the rise recently, she redeployed to the ICU at The Elliot to provide acute care to some our sickest patients. She plans to do so through the end of February.

“I know that my nurse colleagues really needed help in the ICU due to how critical the patients are. I was previously an ICU nurse, so it was not uncomfortable for me to jump in and take a patient assignment,” Fleuriet explains.

Fleuriet is also currently training to become a nurse practitioner and is teaching clinicals to second semester nursing students on the Fitch Unit. “It’s a lot to handle working 12-hour shifts again on top of everything else, but I am honored to be helping ease the work load for the ICU RNs.

Fleuriet says the hospital has been doing a great job keeping personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies in stock, therefore she feels safe going into the COVID-19-positive patient rooms.

To protect those she encounters after leaving the hospital, Fleuriet says she’s been changing out of her scrubs if she’s not going straight home.

“We are all in this together. If we all go a little bit above and beyond to do our part, we will eventually come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.”