Elliot Health System, Home of New England EMS Institute


Did you know Elliot Health System trains roughly 60 paramedics and 100 EMTs and AEMTs every year to serve in our community through its New England EMS Institute (NEEMSI) that falls under Emergency Services?

NEEMSI is a career EMS school offering National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician certification courses including EMT, advanced EMT (AEMT), and paramedic. For those looking to further their education beyond paramedic, NEEMSI offers a certified intensive care provider (CICP) class that prepares the participant for the board-certified critical care exams (FP-C and CCP-C).

NEEMSI is attended by EMS professionals from all over New England and has been teaching these classes for more than 30 years.

“It is NEEMSI’s goal to prepare entry-level EMT, AEMT, and paramedics with the knowledge, practical skills, and behaviors necessary to provide quality emergency patient care. Our program includes advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, international trauma life support, 12 lead ECG interpretation, capnography, and the latest New Hampshire transition modules. Our nationally accredited, 1,200-hour, 16-month paramedic program is maintained and supported by clinically experienced EMS educators and paramedics,” Michael Kelley, BSN, RN, NR-P, TCRN, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator at The Elliot and Manager of the New England EMS Institute, explains.

Anyone can sign up for a class with NEEMSI. EMT is a pre-requisite for AEMT and paramedic courses.

Students of NEEMSI come to The Elliot to complete their hospital clinical requirements. Those students wear blue, maroon, and green polos based on their respective program.

“These students are here for clinical experience and we want to provide a welcoming environment for them to learn and grow as EMS providers. So, I’d love for staff to know that they are here to learn so if they can teach them something, please take a few minutes to show them a procedure or talk about an assessment to give them the best clinical experience possible,” Kelley says.

Many graduates of NEEMSI have returned to work for The Elliot as paramedics in our ED or at NEEMSI as adjunct faculty or instructors. NEEMSI employs seven permanent staff members including the program manager, program coordinator, clinical coordinator, and four lead instructors. These staff members are Elliot Hospital employees.