ED Strong!


(Staff in Elliot’s ED stand strong together)

Standing Together: Urgent care providers join Elliot’s ED staff on the front lines

In the Emergency Department at Elliot Hospital, staff have rallied together to prepare to face a surge in patients needing care.

“Our Elliot ED team is an amazing group of resilient and dedicated healthcare professionals,” says John Leary, Director of Emergency Services. “During this unprecedented crisis, each of them have made the commitment and displayed the courage to care for our community.”

They have prepared by banding together with fellow caregivers. The team has implemented a program, cross-training urgent care staff and credentialing them for work in the Emergency Department. This team-based care model will allow the Elliot’s ED to provide the highest quality care to patients in a high acuity surge setting.

(A message of hope outside Elliot’s ED)

Community support boosts morale for emergency medicine frontline staff

Emergency medicine providers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. In both Nashua and Manchester, the community they serve has gone above and beyond to support these critical healthcare workers with donations of meals, snacks, PPE and words of encouragement.

Thank you to our community! We are here, ready to care for you and your loved ones.

(A message of solidarity from Elliot’s ED to their fellow frontline staff)

Elliot’s ED staff offers encouragement to fellow frontline staff

Outside Elliot’s ED, staff have erected a special display of solidarity with their fellow frontline staff. To their colleagues in the ICU, EMS and fire officials, the sign reads, “We are stronger together.”

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic is truly a team effort, providers in all of these areas will play a vital role as cases in New Hampshire begin to increase and more and more members of our communities need care.

We are grateful for all these dedicated caregivers do!