Congratulations to Our Latest Award Winners!


Congratulations to the following Employee of the Month and CSS Employee of the Quarter Winners! 

Ashley Tomaswick, Physical Therapist, Downtown Rehab – Medical Center Employee of the Month & CSS Employee of the Quarter

“Ashley’s ability to connect with patients and form trusting relationships is evident in her work every day. Recently, I had the pleasure of witnessing this employee’s care of an anxious patient while I was working nearby. Ashley was giving clear instructions to the patient on the next exercise. When the patient told Ashley she was having trouble hearing her, Ashley positioned herself directly in front of the patient, made eye contact, spoke clearly and asked to make sure the patient was understanding the instructions. Ashley was encouraging and reassuring to the patient, explaining that she would never have the patient try anything that wasn’t safe. The patient voiced her relief and thanked Ashley for reassuring her. In that 30-minute session, Ashley exemplified all of our organization’s Core Values. It was inspiring to watch.” 

Barbara McLane, Receptionist, Medicine Pediatrics of Nashua – Foundation Employee of the Month 

“Barb is one of the receptionists at Medicine Pediatrics of Nashua and is our role model. She amazes us with the depth of compassion she has for our patients. The examples of her compassion are numerous but the most recent one that comes to mind was her offering to rearrange her lunch break to sit with a patient while she went over the hospital for tests. The patient had recently finished chemotherapy and she found a lump somewhere else on her body. The patient came to the office alone and was an emotional wreck. After the patient saw the doctor, she was given an imaging order and Barb asked her if she would like some company while she was waiting for the tests so she would not be alone. This touched me on such a deep level, I know I will never forget her sensitivity and will stay with me.

We receive numerous calls from patients with insurance questions that are not easy to answer. Barb has reached out to the insurance companies many times on their behalf to help resolve issues they are having getting services covered and finding answers for questions when we do not have a clear answer. She then shares the information with the rest of the receptionist staff for future reference. Barb always has time to help the rest of the staff when she is asked. She is to be the “go to girl” for the doctors, nurses and support staff. She is always willing to help with a smile on her face, although her plate if full; she is never too busy to help. If she does not have an answer, she will find it. I admire her “Can Do” attitude. Barb’s infectious laugh has softened many a tense situation in the office. She is engaging with the patients and helps to make them feel more relaxed when visiting our office. I am hoping you consider her nomination and recognize her as Employee of The Month.

Barbara McLane is one of the friendliest people I know and is a ray of sunshine for everyone that she encounters. She arrives to work each day with a smile on her face and wishes everyone a good morning. Barb gives each patient her full attention and goes out of her way to make them feel special and well cared for. Her customer service skills are exemplary. Despite the overwhelming amount of work that everyone has on their plate, Barb consistently finds ways to help her co-workers. She always responds to the needs of others and offers kind words and support during her work day. Barbara McLane is a kind soul, who goes the extra mile for our patients, her coworkers, and her family. Barb is huge asset to Medicine Pediatrics/ Foundation Medical Partners and I proudly nominate her for employee of the month.”

Maurice Pare, Director, Pastoral Care – Medical Center Employee of the Month 

“Every time I see Maurice, he is doing good for patients and their families. Maurice goes out of his way to meet patient and family needs and assists the nursing staff to care for their patients. One extraordinary example occurred recently. The family of a patient asked for a member of clergy in the community to be called during a time of urgent and significant need. A member wasn’t available immediately, and Maurice came in that night to see the patient. He spent over an hour with the patient and family, providing emotional and spiritual support, and praying with the patient. Both the patient and family were very comforted by the time he spent with them. He is an exceptional and dedicated member of SNHH.”

Congratulations to all and stay tuned into HQ for more recognition posts just like this!