Congratulations Natalie Mayo!


Congratulations to the latest Daisy Award winner, Natalie Mayo, RN, East 3!

“A patient arrived to 3 East from the PACU one day complaining of severe pain. Natalie was there to help manage the pain using oral and intravenous medications. Following the medication the patient had some relief from the pain but then began to complain that she couldn’t move or feel her lower legs. Natalie immediately consulted the APRN on call and her charge nurse. Following re-assessment by the 2 nurses, the provider come in to assess the patient. The patient was found to have neurological sensory deficits and a stat CT scan was ordered that showed a blood clot in the area of recent surgery that was putting pressure on the patient’s spinal cord. The Patient returned to OR for an additional surgery. Even though Natalie’s shift had come to an end, she stay two hours later with this patient until patient was taken into surgery. In the meantime IV solumedrol was started on the floor and within 2 hour patient was able to feel her legs and feet and started to wiggle toes. Thank you Natalie on behalf of this patient whose outcome could have been dramatically different for the worse!”

Keep up the great work Natalie!