Congratulations Bethany!


Bethany St. Onge, Clinical Teacher, Endoscopy, is the latest Daisy Award Winner. Keep up the great work Bethany!

“Our on call nurses were working on a Saturday assisting with an acute GI bleed case. The doctor requested a certain piece of equipment that is not commonly used in endo and while the nurses have been in serviced on this piece of equipment they have never had to use it during a live case. The nurses decided that they should call a colleague for guidance and called a fellow, highly skilled veteran. This devoted nurse answered her phone Saturday afternoon not even knowing that it could be a call about work. She was able to verbally walk the nurses through the steps of what needed to be done. This included specifics of where to attach the probe to the machine, the settings it should be set to and also to give the proper instruction for what pedal to press to have cautery distributed. All of this over the telephone without any way to physically demonstrate to the nurses the specific steps involved. This nurse provided guidance with a smile in her voice and made herself available during a time when she was not required to do so. She went above and beyond as a person and a nurse while on her day off. The nurses nominating this dedicated nurse state that she has a great work ethic that is above and beyond, she is always approachable for questions and is an excellent teacher. Her accuracy, thoroughness and attention to detail is a focus with her teaching. Because of this nurse’s dedication that day the outcome of this acute procedure was achieved with satisfaction with the doctor and most importantly we were able to therapeutically treat the patient in a timely manner.”