Congrats to the Latest Medical Center & Foundation Employee’s of the Month!


Congratulations to the latest Employee of the Month Winners:

Medical Center: Patricia Chung, RN, Foundation Cardiology

“Patti is our ECC at Foundation Cardiology. Her days are spent making follow up phone calls to check on our patients with recent hospitalizations, then coordinating care with the providers. On one particular day, she was speaking to the wife of a patient, and discovered that the patient had been re-admitted. Patti, knowing that his wife was wheelchair bound, asked her how she is managing without her husband. That afternoon, Patti left work to stop and pick up groceries for the patients wife, as there was no food in the house. She also got NH Elder Services involved knowing that this person was going to need continued care.

Patti has the most compassionate heart, she is always thinking outside the box, and is very thorough in her patient care. Our practice is blessed to have such an awesome nurse looking after our most at risk patients.”

Foundation: Marianne Gage, Secretary, Rehabilitation Services

“There are those co-workers who stand out, because they go above and beyond. They do the things that aren’t part of their job. They see something that needs doing, and without being asked, they just do it. To share a quick story, even though our building’s walkway had been shoveled, it had filled again with blowing snow. A spouse of one of our patients who was in a wheelchair let us know that she had difficulty pushing the wheelchair because of the snow. Marianne apologized, told the woman she would take care of it, and she did. Marianne not only went out and shoveled our walkway, she did it a second time 45 minutes later to make sure this patient would be all set when leaving. Marianne didn’t hesitate or complain … her only questions (can delete) was, “can we get a better shovel, ours does not have a good enough edge.” She was concerned that she couldn’t do a good enough job.

During the same week, I witnessed Marianne running outside to hold a Para Transit bus for a patient, knowing that if the bus left, the patient would have to wait a long time for it to return. I don’t know how she does it, but Marianne remembers all the little details about every patient, day to day and week to week. They say the difference is in the details, and with customer service, this makes all the difference.

I think Marianne even earned her plumbing merit badge that week, problem solving issues with our patient bathroom. All of these things are typical of what Marianne does all the time. I was just struck by this particular week, and I was impressed by how much she exemplifies and embodies the Medical Center’s Core Values of Patient Focus, Respect, Accountability, Compassion, and Commitment. She does it every day.”

Congratulations to you both and keep up the great work!