Congrats to the Latest Medical Center Employee of the Month – Jacqueline Healy!


Congratulations to the latest Medical Center Employee of the Month – Jacqueline Healy, ESP I, Environmental Services!

“While rounding to clean the public spaces on the first floor, Housekeeper Jacqueline Healy tried to enter one of the bathrooms directly behind The Birth Place only to find the door locked. However, she could hear water running from the room. Jacqueline made several attempts by knocking on the door to no avail. She immediately notified her Supervisor of the situation, and her Supervisor called Security to the location.

Jacqueline returned to the bathroom with Security who made entry and discovered an unconscious person on the floor. A Medical Code was called, and Jacqueline assisted by holding the door to facilitate entrance by the first responders. The person was brought to the ED immediately for treatment. Jacqueline’s persistence, awareness and proper notification made such the difference!”

Keep up the great work Jacqueline!