Congrats to the latest High Five SHINE Award Winner, Souad Denoun!


Congratulations to the latest High Five SHINE Award Winner, Souad Denoun, Clinical Assistant, 4 West!

“A pregnant woman and her spouse had become disoriented while going to the Birth Place and had found their way onto 4 west where they yelled for help. This Clinical Assistant immediately responded and found the pregnant woman who was bleeding and had vomited on herself and the floor. Both the patient and her spouse were very distraught and panicked when she found them. She took control of the situation and took them down to the Birth Place herself by wheelchair. She stayed with the patient and helped clean her. The patient had a good outcome, her baby was safe and she was sent home later that day. This is just one of the many examples where Souad goes above and beyond for the patients and family members, for 4 West, and for the health system.”

Awesome job Souad!