Congrats to the Latest Foundation Employee of the Month – Nicole Bruin!


Congratulations to the latest Foundation Employee of the Month, Nicole Bruin, Patient Care Representative, Immediate Care of South Nashua!

“Nicole has been employed with Foundation Medical Partners for 18 years. I have known her for the past 4 years and have been impressed with her skills and knowledge that she imparts on a daily bases with not only me but to all her co-workers. She has 3 wonderful children and husband that she is dedicated to them in every way.

Along with this she has completed another bachelor’s degree with honors getting ready for her journey to be a Physician’s Assistant and will be starting this soon. During this process she has always maintained her professionalism toward patients and staff. She always has an inviting smile and molds her responses in a positive way to the mood and character that her patients present. She has a warming calming effect to all he co-workers and imparts her experience when necessary. She is a high asset to our mission.

She has so much experience and can step into any role that is asked of her. She never expects accolades or recognition of any kind. I recognize her for not just one thing but for her exceptional character, high level of performance, and her dedication every day at Foundation Immediate Care. With all the load of life that she has! I know she will always succeed!”

Keep up the great work Nicole!