Congrats to the Latest Foundation Employee of the Month – Kathleen O’Neill


Congratulations to the Foundation Employee of the Month (November, 2019) – Kathleen O’Neill, Southern New Hampshire Asthma & Allergy!

“Where to start about Kathleen… Kathleen is an exceptional employee, teammate, Patient Service Representative, and overall human being. I knew Kathleen was the perfect fit for our practice the very instant I met her. She has this fun charismatic way of making sure each person she comes in contact with feels valued and acknowledged. She maintains the most upbeat attitude all during the day even when there are 5 patients in front of her, with a patient is on hold, and another patient is calling in. The way she can easily multitask without skipping a beat is a true treat to watch. Most days Kathleen is alone in a very busy yet small practice. She is the glue that holds us all together. Even if there are very hectic times that most of us would feel the sky is falling she maintains the calmest demeanor, and always states “We got this” with the biggest genuine smile on her face. As a teammate, I can assure you that each nurse and provider has immense gratitude for Kathleen. She has helped foster an atmosphere where our clinical and admin staff work side by side. She is there to alert a nurse of a situation, and the first to ask how she can help.

Kathleen has stellar attendance. Two months ago she sadly had to place her loved dog to sleep, and she still managed through the workday even with encouragement to go home. Kathleen is also the life of the party. She is the first one to volunteer for a potluck. It’s not unusual for her to bring in homemade soup just because she wanted to treat everyone. She is always thinking about how our team can have fun together. Her decorations skills are top-notch, and she is always willing to do more. In addition, Kathleen is the person our team goes to for advice, to vent, and just to laugh with. She’s the first to come see me and inform me quietly if she feels a teammate of ours needs a pick me up. Kathleen cares about each of us, and I always hope she feels the same way back.

I am nominating Kathleen as Employee of the Month as I feel her commitment to the practice, teammates, and our patients is unparalleled. She embodies all the values that Foundation desires their employees to represent. As the manager, I feel fortunate each and every day that Kathleen is employed at my practice. She allows me to perform other responsibilities because of her investment and diligent efforts from day to day. I assure you that Kathleen is an employee that consistently places in the effort and helps our organization be a place that patients want to visit often. I truly hope she wins as I feel she puts her entire self into her role each day. The SNHA Team is so fortunate to work with you, Kathleen O’Neill!”

Way to go, Kathleen! We’re all very proud of you!