Congrats to the Latest Daisy Award Winner Haley Schreib!


Congratulations to the latest Daisy Award Winner Haley Schreib, RN, 3 West!

“Haley received a touching and heartfelt letter of gratitude and praise Recreational Therapy Specialist from her own co-worker. This co-worker with 25+ years of experience was able to rely on the professionalism, support, and compassion of Haley who is several years her junior. Faced with a patient struggling post-operatively, this nominee who was new to the role of resource nurse, rose to the occasion, ensuring that the nurse managing this patient was given the support and additional resources she needed to safely care for her patient. The writer stated “I wanted you to know how wonderful it was to work with this nurse as the Resource Nurse. It was a difficult day because a patient was having difficulties postoperatively … “. Haley was involved from the beginning, taking over documentation and retrieving medications for me. In addition, she medicated my other 3 patients while caring for her own assignment and the needs of the unit. She made it possible for me to dedicate my time to this patient and to provide the care needed, and to communicate with the surgeon, surgical PA, and medical consult. She also adjusted staffing to support the care of the patient, which made it possible to get the large number of critical tests and treatments completed in a timely manner. It was because of the TEAMWORK on this unit that I felt able to oversee the patient and maintain her safety. I appreciate all the help from the staff, but wanted to let you know that I felt Haley knew what was happening and offered her assistance throughout the day, not only during the crisis.” She has been a pleasure to work with since she started here 2 years ago. She has far exceeded the expectations of a newer nurse, providing insightful, compassionate and high quality care to her patients. She continues to step up in times of need, going above and beyond to support not only her colleagues, but student nurses wanting to enter the field through acting as a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) Preceptor for UNH Baccalaureate nursing students. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of her patients and team. I am proud to nominate her for the Daisy Award as she epitomizes what it is to be a nursing super hero!”

Keep up the great work Haley!