Congrats to the Latest Daisy Award Winner – Dana Carbone!


Congratulations to the latest Daisy Award Winner, Dana Carbone, RN, The Birth Place!

Carol McIntyre recently received a call from a patient’s husband asking her to recognize a nurse who he felt went above and beyond in caring for his wife during the birth of their first child. He wanted to communicate the gratitude he and his wife felt for the care they both received during their stay on the Birth Place. English was not his first language and he commented on the fact that he was making the call on behalf of his wife as she was not as comfortable communicating in English. He felt that this nurse—Dana Carbone—was extremely compassionate, non-judgmental, and displayed extreme patience and understanding throughout the entire labor and birth process. His wife was worried that she would not be easily understood and he recognized that Dana spent many hours making sure she was not only comfortable but provided a safe space and a beautiful smile which reassured his wife, and him, throughout their time with her. He felt she truly shared their joy when their baby was born, which they were so delighted by. And he added one more comment which also describes this nurse – that she is a humble leader. She demonstrated kindness even when taking charge of the situation and she creat-ed a trusting environment that few people can attain in such a short period of time. This nurse is an outstanding example of the power of nursing for every culture when the goal is comfort and the nurse speaks the language of “caring”.

Keep up the great work Amy!