Congrats to the Latest Daisy and High Five Shine Award Winners!


Congratulations to the latest DAISY and High Five SHINE Award Winners, Margaret Speidel and Kathleen Migneault!

DAISY Award Winner: Margaret Speidel, RN, The Birth Place (pictured above)

“The May DAISY award was prompted by a patient compliment about Margaret that reads as follows: “I was recently a patient in the birth place. My husband and I came to the hospital for the birth of our seventh child. We expected an uneventful labor and delivery – as had been our experience with our other children. Unfortunately – our son had other plans and I required an emergency C-section. I received wonderful care from the staff in the birth place, however one nurse stood out to me. She not only had a wonderful and gentle bedside manner – she also recognized a change in my condition from one day to the next, advocated for me, and insisted that the doctor repeat my lab work. It’s well known that nurses are not the easiest patients and even though I insisted that I was fine, this nurse knew that I was not. Because of her nursing skill, my plan for discharge was changed and I spent another night in the hospital in order to receive blood transfusions. This nurse truly made a positive outcome out of a difficult and frightening experience. I would love to see her recognized for her excellent care and I am proud to work in the same institution as such a competent, caring individual.”

High Five SHINE Award Winner: Kathleen Migneault (Demers), CA, ICU

“On a recent day, a family member of a patient called into the ICU. Kathy recognized that the patient was not in the ICU. She took the time to speak to the caller and escort them personally to find their family member. She first went to endoscopy where she was told the patient was in surgical services. She then escorted the family member
there. On the way back to the ICU Kathy found an employee’s paycheck on the ground. She recognized that it was an actual paycheck and not a direct deposit slip. She turned this check over to security because she knew the employee may be looking for it. These examples show Kathy’s willingness to both go above and beyond for people and also her honesty and integrity. She is a great asset to have here at Southern New Hampshire Health System. Thank you Kathy!”

Awesome job Margaret and Kathleen – keep up the great work!