Congrats to December’s Daisy Award Winner – Cassie Giamo


Congratulations to the latest Daisy Award Winner, Cassie Giamo, 3 West

“A seasoned nurse knocked on my door wanting to share a story. This usually means something has gone awry and needs attention. To my surprise, this was a story of greatness about a young nurse who trusted her gut and advocated for a patient in distress. This nurse, with under a year of experience, had a complicated patient with several issues going on post-operatively that could easily be brushed aside as being related to post-operative delirium or narcotic use. This nurse felt it was something more. She couldn’t pinpoint what but she trusted her gut enough to call the provider and report the change. She also shared her concern with the oncoming nurse which elevated the overall level of concern and monitoring of the patient. As a result of her keen observational skills, this patient received a consult from the Hospitalist. Subsequently, an extensive stroke workup and transfer to the ICU ultimately saved this patient’s life. I applaud this nurse for trusting her intuition without the facts to back it up; I applaud her for sharing her assessment with a nurse with more years of experience than she has even been alive, and I applaud her for remaining a strong patient.”

Thank you for all that you do, Cassie!