Congrats to Cheryl Geiger of Foundation Hematology/Oncology!


Congratulations to the latest Foundation Employee of the Month, Cheryl Geiger, Foundation Hematology/Oncology!

“We would like to nominate our Financial Counselor, Cheryl Geiger, for Employee of the Month because she is consistently dedicated to doing what is in the best interest of our patients. She understands that financial toxicity has a direct impact on a patient’s clinical outcome which is why she works relentlessly to help reduce the financial burden for our patients as much as possible. She is exceptional at her job and puts the patient first in ALL that she does! Cheryl’s role requires her to obtain approvals for extremely complicated chemo regimens, often on an emergent basis due to a patient’s medical condition, a change in treatment protocol or a change in insurance coverage. She is excellent at triaging priority cases for the sake of expediting a patient’s plan of care. She works collaboratively on a daily basis with our social worker, onsite biller, nursing staff, support staff, pharmacy staff and the providers to ensure all patients are authorized for every treatment and to ensure the practice will avoid any potential reimbursement issues. Cheryl takes time to meet with patients whether they have simple or complicated insurance issues and some of these meetings can be emotionally-charged.

One example of this was when she spent over four hours of her day securing a PA for a patient’s pain medication prior to the weekend. This situation involved several phone calls to supervisors at the insurance company and the PA drug company, multiple conversations with the patient and the patient’s spouse and resubmitting additional forms, all because the medication dose was changed and the pharmacy was using an incorrect NDC number resulting in multiple PA denials. Cheryl’s perseverance and hard work resulted in a positive outcome for this patient and she was very appreciative. It is situations like this that make patients quickly realize Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable about the insurance process and also a very effective patient advocate.

Another recent example is related to a new patient being treated with an oral chemotherapy medication. The patient and his wife were really concerned about coverage for this medication and kept bringing it up during the chemo teach. Cheryl met with them to explain their insurance and to help them understand they were subject to paying office visit copays but otherwise, the cost of the oral chemo medication was covered. The patient and his wife were immediately relieved and felt more confident going forward with the treatment plan. The patient is now able to concentrate on getting well rather than being worried about their finances. These are just two recent examples of how Cheryl goes the extra mile every day for our patients. There are many more. She continually demonstrates a commitment to our core values and is an integral member of our Team here.

Cheryl truly deserves special recognition for all that she does!”

Keep up the great work Cheryl!