Congrats to the latest Daisy Award Winners – Morgan & Lindsey!


Congratulations to the two latest Daisy Award Winners – our May 2018 winner, Morgan Berube, RN and our June 2018 winner, Lindsey Randlett, RN!

“At 7:35 one busy Tuesday morning, I greeted two young nurses at the back doors of the Birth Place. It looked like they were returning a warmer to our unit. Inside the warmer was one of our baby blankets and I knew immediately that within that blanket was a little baby who never took a breath. These nurses were completing a job they had started several hours ago, caring for an unresponsive infant that was brought in during the early morning hours. After what I’m sure was an emotionally exhausting experience with many challenges, these nurses kindly brought the baby upstairs so that we could begin the bereavement process with the parents as soon as possible.

Due to the circumstances, the mother was just coming out of surgery with general anesthesia on board, and had no knowledge of what had happened, making the situation even more difficult for all involved. These nurses worked beyond their shifts and took the time to bring the infant up themselves, making sure that all of the paperwork and banding was properly done. Even more impressive was the appearance of the baby and how they had washed him and wrapped him with care in a clean blanket, even thinking to bring up the blanket the baby had arrived in just in case the parents wanted it (those parents were so very appreciative). As they brought the infant up in our warmer, one of them was careful to shield the unit to ensure privacy. Each of them handled the baby with such tender gestures, and assisted me in swaddling the baby to be presented to his parents for the first time. I was so impressed and touched with the respect, compassion and care they demonstrated for this tiny being, even after the unsuccessful resuscitation that they had participated in and the emotional toll that must have taken. It is obvious that they each have a true nursing heart.

We are fortunate to have these nurses working in our organization and to have them as nursing colleagues. This small gesture, and the support they gave to each other, is truly something to be proud of. Those parents may never know all that these compassionate nurses did behind the scenes, but I do – and am grateful for each gesture of kindness and caring they demonstrated on that Tuesday morning.”

Keep us the great work Morgan and Lindsey!