Congrats to the January & February Daisy Award Winners!


Congratulations to our January and February Daisy Award Winners: Lynda Renzello, RN and Elizabeth Kilar, RN, ED.

“These night shift nurses showed exemplary compassion and care to their patients. On a very busy night in November there was a motor vehicle accident in which a husband and wife were trauma patients in the Emergency Department. Both of these patients required transfer to a tertiary facility based on their injuries.

One of the nurses stated “they are not going to be transferred before they get a chance to be with each other”. The two nurses worked well together to coordinate moving the patients together so that they could hold hands and speak with each other before being individually transferred to Boston and not knowing when they would see each other again.

The care and compassion that these nurses showed for their patients was above and beyond the standard of emergency stabilization care. They showed great empathy even on this very busy night.”

Keep up the great work!