Come see what’s new at the Lab!


Lab construction is now complete!

Over the past few months, our laboratory installed an automated track system to assist with specimen handling. Watch the video above to get a first hand look into how the new track system works along with all of its benefits.

This is a great advancement for the Health System and we are very excited to share its completion!

Laboratory Services will be holding an Employee Only Open House next week at the times below. No sign-up is required and all are welcome! Each tour will last approx. 30 minutes.

*Night Shift employees, please call Central Processing at x2885 and a tour will be accommodated during those hours.

Date/ Day Time Time Time
Monday, 11th 9:30am 11am 3:30pm
Tuesday, 12th 11am 2:30pm
Wednesday, 13th 9am 10:30am 4:30pm
Thursday, 14th 11am 2:30pm