Celebrating National Nurses Week 2019 at SNHH!


Join SNHH in celebrating National Nurses Week!

Our nurses are the heart of our organization. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our patients and our mission!

Below are the Nursing Award Winners from this week’s award ceremony!

Nurse of the Year is Stephanie Stickney, RN, from 3 West – pictured above!

Nurse Leader of the Year is Patricia Roncone, RN, Clinical Teacher NICU

Team Member of the Year is Jennifer Hitzeman, Case Manager, Patient and Family Services

Magnet Component Awards:

  • Transformational Leadership: Denis Demirovic, RN, ED
  • Structural Empowerment: Gabriella Goddette, RN, 4 West
  • Exemplary Professional Practice: Kerriann Crowley, RN, 3 East
  • New Knowledge, Innovation and Improvement: Bethany St. Onge, RN Clinical Teacher, ENDO
  • Empirical Outcomes: Susan Diggins, RN, Center for Quality and Safety

Teamwork Awards:

  • Michael Cleary, LNA, 4 East
  • Michelle Dion, CA, 4 West
  • Jamie-Lynn Costello, Case Manager, Patient and Family Services
  • Diane Morel, CA, 3 West
  • Kami Wojtaszek, LNA, ED

Earlier this week, the Medical Center staff also held the first annual Nurses Week Nursing Olympics! Teams competed in a series of events ranging from med cup stacking to contour sheet folding and more. Check out some photos from the event below!

Happy Nurses Week!