Awesome job Maria Mireles!


Congratulations to the latest Foundation Employee of the Month, Maria Mireles, Office Coordinator, Foundation Radiology!

“We are pleased to nominate Maria Mireles, Office Coordinator for Foundation Radiology, as the Foundation Employee of the Month. Maria is reliable, dependable, responsive, and attentive to the needs (and wants!) of the division and department as a whole. A valued member of the team, many of the operations of the division flow through Maria. She tends to issues that arise with speed and fine attention to detail. Most importantly, she effectively communicates the various on goings promptly to those involved – both within and outside the division.

When our practice manager is out of the office or tending to other matters, Maria has time and again assumed the role and responsibilities of a practice manager. The rapid professional growth of Maria is primarily what motivates us to nominate her for Employee of the Month. She has led with dignity, honesty, and humility, traits that are found in people we look to as role models.

Maria’s commitment to the patients of the organization is commendable. Maria works extremely hard to ensure the patients’ needs are always accommodated, that we are delivering a higher a level of care. No matter how complicated or stressful the situation is Maria always manages to have a smile on her face! Maria takes on any task that is requested of her without question. We are proud to work with Maria every day and wish to recognize her contributions to the organization through this nomination.”

Way to go Maria!