Announcing: The new Safety Net Program at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua!


The Safety Net Program at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua (HSFN) is ready to assist pet owners in need!

HSFN’s Safety Net Program is run by dedicated volunteers who want to help pets and pet owners in need. The volunteers are working to find resources and make networks for care so pet owners experiencing tough times can ensure their pet’s needs are met.

Through caring for pets temporarily, providing pets with enough food to get by, or helping pet owners find a new home that will let their furry friend live there too, HSFN’s Safety Net Program would like to be a compassionate resource for assistance.

The program helps anyone in need, including:

  • Someone who is hospitalized or in a rehab facility
  • Families and individuals who have been evicted
  • Those in financial need
  • Recent immigrants
  • People with disabilities
  • Veterans
  • Individuals in transitional housing, shelters, or experiencing domestic abuse

HSFN is always looking for individuals and families who are willing to open their homes to pets who need a little extra care while their owner is temporarily unable to care for them. Fostering is a rewarding experience and there are many different types of opportunities available! Click here to learn more!

To inquire about accessing assistance or becoming a volunteer, email or call 603-889-2275 x31 and leave a message for the Safety Net Program.