2019 Quality Symposium Winners Announced!


Congratulations to the 2019 Quality Symposium Winners! 

The 2019 Quality Symposium took place October 17 – 21st and was all about ‘From Blame to Peer Support: The Physicians/Nurses as Second Victims’.’

Pictured above is the Grand Prize Winner: HR, ITS, FMP, Compl, Rehab, 4E, Radiology –Orientation to Oz
Team Members: S. Mcghee, M. Anderson, L. Botos, A. Clement, V. Fryatt, D. Mealey, K. Pickett, D. Stone, AM Trowbridge, D. Turmel, M. Manseau

Six other awards (listed below) were given out – visit the Pulse here for more info and photos of the winning teams!

People’s Choice Award: FMP Antibiotic Stewardship Group -Becoming a “Whiz”-ard at Treating UTIs
Team Members: M. Wu, S. Urban, B. Massey, C. Olnick, R. Ciriello, M. Herron, S. Gust, R. Cooper-Piela, M. Seccareccio, T. Kelly, K. Pepe, G. Kaupp, S. Finnerty, N. Arif, M. Martinez-Adorno

Pillar Award: Quality: Trauma/ED – I’ll get you my pretty, and your little spine too!
Team Members: J. Wyman, N. Spence, R. Buckmire, M. Scott

Pillar Award: Service: MCHC – There’s no place like home, Sooner
Team Members: C. McIntyre, S. Diggins, L. Dupuis, L. Hambrecht, A. Hollenberg, K. Lizotte, P. Roncone

Pillar Award: People: 4 East – Don’t Be Silly Toto Scarecrows Don’t Talk
Team Members: A. Clement, S. Neuwirt, A. Bergeron

Pillar Award: Finance: FMP Nursing – We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Re-thinking Instrument Processing In Ambulatory Care
Team Members: J. Tuttle-Varney, L. Lang, J. Caron, D. Destafano, M. Seccareccio

Pillar Award: Growth/Strategy: Clinical Development – Twisting up the Transition to Practice
Team Members: A. Grasso, K. Tollick, N. Young

Congratulations to all!